Medical Consultant

University of Padua, Italy




We have thoroughly tested and evaluated the unigue pet clothing - the Recovery Pet Jacket from Kaperon Specialized Pet Products and founded it to be an excellent and revolutionary solution in the veterinary medicine.

Tests and research have been conducted in a number of 100 dogs and 100 cats of various breeds. 

Thus we declare that we have approved the Recovery Pet Jacket as a veterinary protective clothing for pets. 


We underline that the Recovery Pet Jacket has been designed in accordance with the principles of animal's anatomy. It can be used succesfully for dogs and cats as a protection after medical surgeries (ex.: abdominal, cardiac, kidneys, spine treatments) and in other dermatological dosorders for assisting during recovery. The product is made of fabric characterized by natural and anti-bacterial, septic and anti-allergic features. Also it has ventilation properties. This results in faster wound healing and prevents any possible bacterial infections and inflammations after many treatments.

The design of the Recovery Pet Jacket allows very easy visual inspection of the affected areas during veterinary visits and changes of dressing. 


Contrary to the Elizabethan Collars and other alternative products the Recovery Pet Jacket not only protects the body of the patient after surgeries and dermatological treatments against scratching and licking of stitches, gnawing at drugs applied to an affected area, but also it protects the animal's body against dirt, infections and infalmmations. It does not restrict any of the movements of the patient including drinnking water, eating, lying down, sleeping and traveling without the help of the owner. Wearing the Recovery Pet Jacket the animal can not cause avidable damage, such us colliding with children and objects standing in the animal's way because nothing sticks out beyond the limit of its body which may narrows its view.


The Recovery Pet Jacket represents a completely new approach not only from the medical perspective but also from the emotional side of life of our patients during the recovery period and can be used as a part of the whole medical procedure. 


The Recovery Pet Jacket is a first of a kind product at the world level that has been produced in a collaboaration with contractors and fabric suppliers from Europe and it is compliant with the ISO standards.







Dr Rafael Stachura, PhD, DVM

          Medical Consultant 

"We tried one on Makz and took his hood off, he ran around the house like the old days. As we both work during the week this weekend will give us a betterchance to use them. So far it looks like it will do what we need give Makz a break from his hood and us a break from having to watch constantly. The size M was the first we tried and it fits fine maybe a little loose in the rear end but not bad. Next the size SM, I think they both are going to work. Again thank you! "


Doug Heinzlmeir,

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Makz before the Recovery Pet Jacket

Makz in his Recovery Pet Jacket

"When Emma first got back after surgery, and after she had been messing with her incision - before we found your amazing jacket!!!

I would like to order a few more! It's really helping our cat recover from Lung surgery. Can I order more directly? Please help! I love your product. Thank you so much, thank you you again for making such a wonderful product. Your Recovery Pet Jacket is trully a life saver!!!!"


Carolyn Gills,

Chicago IL, US

Emma before Recovery Pet Jacket

Emma in her Recovery Pet Jacket

"I so love your Recovery Pet Jacket. Thank you also what you do all the little people of this World!!!

You Deserve all the Thanks!!!"


Elizabeth Bohnsack

Quebec, Canada



Goldie, Peche and Berlioz

"MEDIA ANIMAL TV recieved this video today from Canadian Beata Zakowicz, MBA about her awesome invetion - The Recovery Pet Jacket' which help pets a speedy recovery after an operation. Thought you'd like to see how it works Hope the jacket catches on here too!......The jacket helps animals recover more quickly after surgery. Well done from the team at Media Animal TV !We hope Australian veterinarians are soon using your jacket here too."


Tracey Preston

from MEDIA ANIMAL TV, Australia

(Australian television news journalist (hound))




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