Why Kaperon?

Let's together work in the environmental direction!


With our love to animals and nature we decided to established fast growing ​firm which is based in Vancouver, BC in Canada.

We offer the specialized, veterinary pet products facilitating the recovery period after complicated medical treatments, surgeries, and in dermatological disorders.

Without doubt, we focus on the needs of animals and the nature and people who work with us. With this in mind, we are proud that our production is located 100% in Canada and Europe.


Despite the significanct higher materials and production costs here, we provide you the highest quality Recovery Pet Jacket

- The Best &  The First  ORIGINAL product on the market.  

Our pets are the part of our planet. Since the beginning, we realized that only sustainable thinking could bring us to create our company.

That's why we cooperate only with sustainable subcontractors. As a manufacturing sector, we can even produce in countries with very low cost of production, but WE DO NOT!

We are proud that we manufacture 100% in Canada and in Europe in the cooperation of companies for whom the Social and Environmental Responsibility is just as important as for us.


​We are confident that we deliver the highest quality products by using natural and certain components as well as provide sustainable work standards.



100% biodegradable fabric!

Our ecological fabrics are 100% biodegradable. 

This fabric characterizes by natural, anti-bacterial, septic and hypoallergenic property as well as UV Protection and with the ventilation property .

Production of plants to our fabric does not include any harmful insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. Yet, these plants are the fastest growing plants.

Plants to our fabric require only a little amount of water and they can even sustain and conditions like drought or floods.


Feedstocks plantations enrich soil and protect it from erosion, which strengthens the host watershed, absorb five times the greenhouse gases of an equivalent stand of trees.

Beata Zakowicz, MBA

  Inventor, Founder & Owner 

Kaperon Specialized Pet Products

„ During my whole life I was very closely to animals. I am very sensitible at homless dogs and cats life. Carring of homless pets, who often are very sick with the needs of long recovery is one of my main value of life. Whenever I could, I helped them. This experience and observation helped me to understand my friends needs and behaviour especially during very hard recovery time.


The opening a new business here in Canada was one of the biggest challange in my life. In spite of all, both: my enormous passion to animals and my previous business and accademic experience allowed me to realize my dream about conducting a business which is not as unusual.


I am proud, that years ago Canada become the place of my mind where I have discovered the right moment to start my own business, business which is not only fokus on profit but most of all which is concentrated on an assistant to animal patients as well as their doctors and owners. However, supportiong and cooparation with a not-for-profit organizations dedicated to protecting and enhancing the animal welfare are an essentail core of Kaperon’s activity. 


I would like to thank all the people and animals who helped me in create and design Kaperon's  products. I have the privilege to work alongside some of veterinarians, my mother, pets owners, textile and manufacturing technologists, who have also different experiences with sick pets. All together with my own model dogs: Tayga and Zara and cats: Maya and Misha we have created the final version of the Recovery Jacket, a first product of Kaperon Specialized Pet Products. Currently we are finishing our research on other new products.


In particular, I would like to emphasize the origin of the company name which refers to the name of my beloved dog friend called Kaper, who found me one day at the street in 2000 but unfortuantelly passed away in July, 2008


I look forward to meeting you and your needs and helping you to make your pets life easier!  

So what are you waiting for, let's meet " 

Our Story






               Because cotton is the most intensely sprayed crops in the                                                      world receiving 3-5 times greater application of pesticides per acre than other                  crops like corn or soybeans!


            Cotton production takes about a pound of chemicals to grow the                                          cotton contained in a cotton t-shirt and pants!

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